Nights of The Jack - Calabasas

A Drive-Thru Halloween Experience

Select Dates Through November 1, 2020


The Experience

Select Dates Through November 1, 2020
Venue Opens at 6:30pm
About the Experience
  • One Vehicle Ticket for up to 7 People
  • A leisurely one mile family friendly DRIVE-THRU Halloween experience
What We Love
  • New extended driving trail will feature thousands of hand-carved and illuminated Jack O’ Lanterns
  • Immerse yourself in an instagrammable Halloween wonderland and experience what everyone is talking about!
Experience the Halloween season like never before at Nights of The Jack! Prepare to amaze your friends and family of all ages as you take a leisurely drive among awe inspiring jack-o-lanterns, glowing from the inside out. The newly extended trail will feature larger than life pumpkin installations as well as detailed artist depictions of your favorite movie stars, sports heroes and animated characters, and so much more. Don't forget to bring a camera - these larger than life installations are the perfect photo opportunity. 

Need to Know

Useful Info
  • The venue opens a 6:30pm on operating nights and the first designated time slot is at 6:30pm or 7:00pm depending on the date
  • Advanced ticket egistration is required
  • Do not arrive any sooner than 15 minutes before your designated time slot listed on your ticket. Please plan accordingly and leave some time for traffic and processing
  • The driving trail itself is approximately one mile long and it is self-guided from your vehicle. Most guests will spend about 25 minutes on the trail
  • All guests must remain in their vehicle at all times during the experience
  • Nights of the Jack is NOT scary but can be a little spooky in a few places
  • NO food and beverage will be made available this season
  • You are permitted to bring your own food and beverage in your vehicles
  • NO restrooms will be made available for ticketholders this season as no one will be permitted to leave their vehicle
  • ALL ages are welcome to attend
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring a printed copy of your ticket to be scanned for expedited entry or please have your digital ticket ready for scanning
  • Attendee vehicles will pass through a security check-point prior to entering our activation zone
  • All of guests are encouraged to take photos, post on social media and share their experience with family and friends
  • Click here for Schedule
For All Ages
Good for Groups
Online Registration Required
Timed Entry

Purchase this deal from Rush49 and receive a unique Voucher Code. You can access your voucher any time with your Rush49 account or receive via email.

After purchasing your voucher for Nights of The Jack you must register at:

  • Select the date you would like to attend
  • Click on your desired time slot
Fine Print
  • Valid only for option purchased
  • All guests must remain in their vehicle at all times during the experience
  • No motorcycles, buses, RVs or limos. Convertibles with top down are permitted
  • Guests will NOT be permitted to sit in the bed of a pick-up truck or any other exterior area of a vehicle
  • Smoking of any kind is not permitted anywhere on the grounds
  • The event is rain or shine
  • Attendee vehicles will pass through a security check-point prior to entering our activation zone
  • ALL ages are welcome
  • Every occupant must be in a seatbelt or car seat
  • Unfortunately, you may not change your time slot for a purchased ticket
  • Do not arrive any sooner than 15 minutes before your designated time slot listed on your ticket. Please plan accordingly and leave some time for traffic and processing
  • This deal is non-refundable
  • There are NO pets permitted on the grounds. Only guide dogs for the blind and service animals for people with disabilities will be permitted in accordance with ADA requirements
For full details on our refund policy click here
Tickets Valid
Expires November 1, 2020 at 11:00 PM PDT
Expiration dates may be extended upon request.


Safety Measures
Temperature Taking
Frequent Disinfecting of High-Touch Areas
Masks (Employees)
Hands-Free Entry
Contactless Interaction
Additional Info
Nights of the Jack Drive-Thru has taken advanced health and safety measures for both attendees and staff as this is their number one priority.




Nights of the Jack is a Halloween Jack O' Lantern experience tailored for all ages. The show will feature thousands of hand-carved, illuminated pumpkins, situated throughout the stunning property at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, CA. This year, allow your family and friends to experience the Halloween season like never before!

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Experience Reviews



Sun Nov 25 04:12:34 PST 2018

This is was a great evening out with a group of all ages. The only problem was the very long and slow lines at the food trucks which meant we had to skip out or we would miss our time slot.



Sat Nov 24 20:12:34 PST 2018

This is was a great evening out with a group of all ages. The only problem was the very long and slow lines at the food trucks which meant we had to skip out or we would miss our time slot.



Fri Nov 23 12:09:23 PST 2018

Loved it! It was unique and creative.


Jazmin Gomez

Tue Nov 06 22:24:54 PST 2018

We loved it. Last minute decision and was totally worth it. Arrived there pretty spacious for people to walk without being on peoples way.


Christine Ha

Tue Nov 06 22:16:51 PST 2018

Fun! It was amazing came with my boyfriend and best friend we had a blast!


Glen Olson

Tue Nov 06 22:13:08 PST 2018

The Night of the Jack experience was awesome. Glad it was available on Rush.


Lilia Megerdich

Tue Nov 06 21:00:49 PST 2018

Great event. So much fun and enjoyable.


Justine Muus

Tue Nov 06 13:41:18 PST 2018

What a fantastic Halloween event. Very well organized and worth the money and trip out there. Can't wait until next year.


SoCal Mom

Tue Nov 06 08:01:23 PST 2018

So glad we bought tickets thru Rush49. The event was great — buying the tickets at a discount is even greater! Saved more than $10/ticket.


Robert F

Sun Nov 04 14:11:16 PST 2018

Loved the event. Definitely going next year!


Tisha Poole

Fri Oct 26 14:57:52 PDT 2018

Absolutely amazing!! My kids loved it and I recommend to everyone!!


Diana Kagan

Thu Oct 25 19:13:53 PDT 2018

Loved loved loved the Night of the Jack event. Rush49 ticket pricing saved us a ton of money!!!!!! Don't miss this event !!!!! It is fun for the entire family!


Robert Farag

Thu Oct 25 17:38:06 PDT 2018

Very fun for the whole family worth the price


Michael Gagnon

Thu Oct 25 12:37:56 PDT 2018

Definitely exceeded expectations, beautifully lit grounds with depth & color. Themed displays were impressive & each member of our group was moved/connected by a different display, such variety of offerings to the senses (even subtle music at times). Restroooms places halfway through the walk was helpful. Awesome night with friends & family!


Christine Cicone

Wed Oct 24 16:39:42 PDT 2018

Fun evening. Family friendly. Cool pumpkin carvings. Price to get in is a bit high


Steve Nazari

Wed Oct 24 16:32:14 PDT 2018

Really cool event. Our whole family enjoyed it. Love that its stroller friendly too. Great price from Rush49. Thanks!


Marissa Garcia

Wed Oct 24 13:26:41 PDT 2018

It was a nice experience but over priced


Waldemar Reyes

Wed Oct 24 12:48:33 PDT 2018

Amazing! Bought the tickets a few days before and showed up and had a separate line and no problems. Will be purchasing more from here.


Laura Aguero

Wed Oct 24 12:15:46 PDT 2018

My family totally enjoyed it!


Lauren Ebley

Wed Oct 24 10:00:03 PDT 2018

Awesome experience AND rush 49 tickets were basically VIP. You didn't have to book a specific time and got to go through the trail whenever you wanted.


Catherine Giuffre

Tue Oct 23 12:19:42 PDT 2018

It was so worth it! Lots of fun to look at all the creativity. I definitely recommend the Nights of the Jack!!


Liliana Castillo

Tue Oct 23 12:10:12 PDT 2018

Great for kids, inspires imagination on what to carve on pumkins and how to decorate.


Miss Loshuk

Mon Oct 22 22:48:49 PDT 2018

Needed more and looked cookie cutter and fake. Not enough unique, individual designs. Did not compare to Night of the Jack o lanterns


Lindsey Gill

Mon Oct 22 15:42:56 PDT 2018

It was cool. Expensive, and short but the kids loved it. So happy I found tickets through rush49 and saved $30!


Donna Dyer

Mon Oct 22 15:29:12 PDT 2018

To explain this event in 25 words only 1 word is needed. ...Awesome!


Heidi Hohler

Mon Oct 22 12:11:43 PDT 2018

The Night of the Jacks event was spectacular. Purchasing tickets from Rush49 was not only easy, it allowed you to go any time you wanted, no lines to wait, and even better was a price discount. Fabulous. Thank you.



Mon Oct 22 11:16:17 PDT 2018

Fun event but a little pricey. There should NOT be a charge for parking and no "real" bathrooms. Great displays but amenities lacking.



Mon Oct 22 10:31:17 PDT 2018

Super fun and great for kids! Note: pumpkins weren’t real!


Sandy Kalil

Mon Oct 22 07:46:04 PDT 2018

Well organized. Fun for the whole family.


Andrea Gomes

Sun Oct 21 19:46:18 PDT 2018

Awesome!! It was a amazing night!!



Sun Oct 21 17:18:48 PDT 2018

Beautiful lights, pumpkins and unique family friendly Halloween event. Kind of like Enchanted Forest of Light. Could've been a bit better organized but it was fun.


Gregory Ferranti

Sun Oct 21 11:06:19 PDT 2018

Very good idea for a date night! Get to see thousands of pumpkins without having to get dirty and carve them yourself.



Sun Oct 21 08:23:33 PDT 2018

Amazing show great family event


Marco Salazar Paz

Sun Oct 21 07:17:43 PDT 2018

Fantastico estoy bien contento



Sun Oct 21 07:17:13 PDT 2018

Nights of the Jacks was a fun and family friendly event to take any age range of children



Sat Oct 20 16:55:20 PDT 2018

It wasn’t worth it but the carvings were fantastic work of art


Shirley Napolske

Sat Oct 20 16:06:57 PDT 2018

It was a cute, family fun event. The trail was so creative, beautiful and the music added so much. My only complaint would be that the food vendors were awful. There was only a choice of two food trucks - neither of which had good customer service. They ran out of many items on the menu. In fact, one told us they were out of what we ordered after we had paid and waited over 15 mins. Thank goodness the food we did get was good. The park where the event was is so beautiful!!! Maybe if they can’t get better food service, they could allow picnicking.


Susan Burk

Sat Oct 20 00:39:09 PDT 2018

This was the most amazing journey ever. Whoever put this together was a genius. You will walk around in awe. Cant wait till next year.


Maria Lovely

Fri Oct 19 05:26:22 PDT 2018

I loved it!! Best bang out of my buck I ever made !! My gf fell in love with all the designs and you can even buy a oinking after !! Absolutely loved it


Allie Maupin

Thu Oct 18 14:45:24 PDT 2018

Super fun. Saved money on the tickets and was able to go any time as opposed to a specific time slot (as the tickets are sold via direct website)


Delia Gonzalez

Thu Oct 18 07:32:25 PDT 2018

Wonderfully beautiful Halloween displays constructed of pumpkins (although, not real ones). Nice and easy paved walk, great for strollers, wheelchairs or any shoe!


Mel S.

Wed Oct 17 23:01:41 PDT 2018

Still haven’t gone yet but very excited. I wouldnt have known about it if I had not seen it on Rush49.


Amy Manchel

Wed Oct 17 12:07:55 PDT 2018

My hubby and I went and it was a lot of fun! Proof you can go without kids and still have a blast!



Tue Oct 16 23:42:42 PDT 2018

Beautiful experience! Will definitely be back!!!



Tue Oct 16 16:58:28 PDT 2018

I was happy that I got the discount because on the site for Nights of the Jack they added on a lot of fees. Then they charged $7 to park! Not cool.


Jill Gann

Mon Oct 15 22:43:57 PDT 2018

The Nights of the Jack was magical. My family loves fall and Halloween. So we were really excited to find another way to celebrate the season. Winding through the trees at King Gillette Ranch to view the joyful, colorful, artistic displays of Jack-o-lanterns was really fun. It was a nice change from haunted houses and mazes!


Israel Galindo

Mon Oct 15 20:31:35 PDT 2018

Stumbled upon this event last minute. It was an amazing family oriented breathtaking event!


David Macias

Mon Oct 15 17:46:40 PDT 2018

The event was pretty awesome. Very family friendly and fun. Nice display of pumpkins and other Halloween decor. Also a few food trucks were on site. As well as alcohol beverages.



Mon Oct 15 16:58:26 PDT 2018

It was my first time there. I brought my daughter and she loved it. Had a great time.


Ticket Purchaser

Mon Oct 15 15:23:31 PDT 2018

For families or a date night. The pumpkin carving was amazing. Highly recommend.


Noe Quesada

Mon Oct 15 12:50:04 PDT 2018

Not too busy and not too empty, the venue had just the right amount of people. Extremely family friendly and the exhibits were great too. The kids enjoyed themselves and we'll definitely be back next year



Mon Oct 15 12:43:11 PDT 2018

Great family friendly event!



Mon Oct 15 10:04:17 PDT 2018

The discounted tickets were a money saver for our party of 11!



Sun Oct 14 21:58:21 PDT 2018

This was my 1st time using Rush49, not going to lie I was a bit skeptical especially since you didn't need a ticket time with your purchase, but I did the online chat with Rush49 before I purchased and they were very responsive in answering my question. When I got to the event tonight it was seamless and they even knew about Rush49. In fact not only did I pay less than others but the line to get in for the "guest check-in" was shorter too. I would highly recommend this! I'll def be checking for other deals here going forward. Also the event was really cool too!


A. Thompson

Sun Oct 14 21:55:41 PDT 2018

Well worth the admission price! A fun night!



Sun Oct 14 16:16:03 PDT 2018

Really a fun, family friendly even. Will recommend it to anyone in the area.


Hannah Fine

Fri Oct 12 19:09:35 PDT 2018

Nervous to purchase at first but worked perfectly at the entrance with no problems!


Jocelyn Oliveros

Thu Oct 11 16:49:31 PDT 2018

It was very wasy to order. Looking forward to attending saturday night


Rebecca Ramirez

Sat Oct 06 12:46:36 PDT 2018

Very easy to use...would definitely use again

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