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Rush49 is your all-access pass to life's greatest adventures! Producing & promoting hundreds of events across the US, Rush49 puts you in control of how you engage with the world around you. Using a combination of cutting-edge technologies, a robust network of experience partners, and adopting emerging trends including Web3 technologies, Rush49 maintains a competitive edge in a dynamic and evolving live experience landscape, selling millions of tickets worldwide.
Why Rush49?
  • Live Event Experts: Experts in producing and promoting only the best, most exciting live events on Rush49 for anyone and everyone to create forever-lasting memories.
  • Innovation At Our Core: Whether Rush49 is producing your live event or promoting ticket sales, we'll employ cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing tactics to drive consumer engagement and ROI. With millions of tickets sold, who wouldn't want to partner with us.
  • Woke: Yeah we said it and we mean it too. Minority owned, sustainability focused, and charitable actions allows Rush49 to do our part in making the world a better place.
  • Customer Care: Our white glove service is second to none offering you access to curated live events experts that will help you plan the perfect event. We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction guaranteed, period. If you're unhappy with your Rush49 experience, chat or call our customer service team so we can get it straightened out.
  • VIP Rewards Program: New customers are key, but retaining customers is powerful. With Rush49's VIP Rewards Program, ticket holders can unlock exclusive offers, deals and experiences of a lifetime. The more you experience life, the better the rewards.
Want to work with Rush49? Not only do we connect people with amazing events, we work closely with our business partners to build brand recognition and engagement through customer acquisition channels. Whether you need event promotion to sell tickets or full-service event production solutions, our team will help you build the experience of a lifetime. Contact us
Meet the Team

Vamsi "Kumar" Kotla


Trevor Williams

Head of Sales & Marketing

Loknath Yalamanchili

Head of DevOps

Lance Wawer

Director of Media

Sierra Reynolds

Social Media Manager

Dave Bud

Director of Sales

Daniel Casale

Sales Manager

Adam Reichental

Director of Crypto Relations

Ben Cahan

Senior Programmer

Krishna Prasad


Elizabeth Mallery

Operations Manager

Marvin Flett

Operations Specialist

Helen Queen Sulzer


Jackie Valle


Ernie Mejia


Pawan Thapa

Senior Graphic Designer

Lucila Coppini

Account Manager

Madhuri Shankar


Sudhir Jain


Babak Mozaffari

Event Producer

Brandon Byrne


Murali Tammineni

Director of IT/Co-Founder

Nagu Thogiti

IT Advisor
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