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We cultivate adventures and experiences for you to stretch your life and grow your interests.
You have the opportunities to step out of every-day life and into living the adventures and experiences that make life worth living. As an independent and self-directed individual, you can travel beyond the group(on) as you enjoy individualist and group pursuits. Like you, we value freedom and innovation. With Rush49, you can find a better, more exciting world, where you align your needs with outer realities. Stay ahead of your time and live vibrantly.
Just like a coffee-shop that lets you experience the flavors of the world right at your corner store, with Rush49 you can choose what you really want - all on one lifestyle site. We are inspired by our country, the United States of America and the rallying cry of "Go west young man!"

Like you, the team at Rush49 is active and on the go, constantly learning through new experience.

Join Rush49, become part of something thrilling and Feel the RUSH!
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