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About UCLA Unicamp...

UCLA UniCamp is the official student charity of the University of California, Los Angeles. UniCamp operates as an independently funded non-profit organization linking the University with the community. Each year, UniCamp inspires nearly 1,000 children from low-income families to envision brighter futures by sending them, along with 350 student volunteers, to its residential outdoor summer camp.

"Creating the opportunity for today's kids from underserved communities to eventually contribute to the development of tomorrow's underserved kids."

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Deal Partner

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About eshopedia...

eShopedia searches high and low throughout the internet universe for the best deals from stores to social buying and daily deal sites.

They sort through them to bring customers the deals that matter most. Their intention is to help the consumer shop more efficiently - customers no longer need to subscribe to countless emails or log-in to multiple websites just to view today's special deals...just visit their website.

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Tomato Fight

Tomato Battle
About Tomato Battle...

The Tomato Battle unifies as many as 5,000 fruit-chucking fanatics for an afternoon of dancing to music, sipping libations, and flinging 300,000 pounds of roma tomatoes at one another. Mosh in a ketchup-covered fray that marries the traditions of Spain's La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival and Germany's Oktoberfest.

2013 schedule: Chicago, Denver, New York City, Northern California, Southern California & Seattle.

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5K Run

Color In Motion
About Color In Motion 5K...

The Color In Motion 5K run lets you sprint, jog, walk or even stroll your way to the finish line. That doesn't sound that crazy does it? Well, how about having people on the sidelines constantly throwing a rainbow of colors at your clean, white jogging outfit?

It's all about a good time at the Color In Motion 5K, but you'll also be working your way towards better overall health and wellness. By the end of the race you'll be a living, breathing (heavily), moving piece of abstract artwork.

2013 schedule: San Diego, Washington DC, Austin, Atlanta, Southern California, Orlando and many more.

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