Indo Expo - Denver

Indo Expo: The Premier Cannabis Trade Show

January 25th & 26th, 2020


The Deal

About The Deal
  • YOUR WEEKEND: INDO EXPO is a full spectrum cannabis event, shop over 350 exhibitors in the Expo and Hemp Pavilion, representing everything from boutique cannabis to big hemp.  Attendees will have full access to seminars where over the two days 25 experts will cover everything you need to know to successfully navigate through the industry from cultivation and extraction to compliance and law
  • YOUR DAY: Saturday is for industry professionals and trade only. Sunday is open for industry professionals and the general public. Connect with the best brands in the business and many of the early trailblazers in the industry
What We Love
  • THE EXPO: INDO EXPO will showcase over 350 companies, brands and product lines, with all the necessary products and services represented, including soil, lights, nutrients, extraction, greenhouse, genetics, cutting-edge technologies,legal, real estate, marketing and more
  • THE FUN: Don’t miss your chance to gain industry insight and become apart of the community at Indo Expo
  • THE MISSION: INDO EXPO is the cannabis and hemp event focused on building B2B relationships by providing a professional platform for producers, processors, retailers, wholesalers and those interested in the industry
More Information
When & Where:
Saturday, January 25th (B2B) - Tickets available to buy at the door
10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday, January 26th (General Public)
11:00am - 5:00pm
Denver Mart 
Expo Building
451 E 58th Ave
Denver, CO 80216
*Pick up your badge at any express check in counter by scanning your QR code or searching with your name. Express check in is located in the main entrance. You must have a valid 18+ ID to receive entry.

The Denver Indo Expo allows attendees to interact with exhibitors, producers and many of the early trailblazers of the industry and to learn from top cannabis experts. Shop over 400 exhibits, making up everything from boutique cannabis production to big hemp.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear  from over 25 experts that cover everything they need to know to successfully navigate through the industry, from cultivation and extraction to compliance and law. Don’t miss your chance to gain industry insight and become apart of the community at Indo Expo. 


  • All attendees and visitors must be 18+
  • Strollers are not allowed and only service animals will be permitted within the facility
  • Attendees will need to go the Plaza to get badged on Saturday and to get a wristband and stamp on Sunday
  • We highly encourage you to take an Uber or Lyft as parking space at the venue will be limited

Need to Know

Tickets Valid
Expires January 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM MST
Expiration dates may be extended upon request
Redeeming Vouchers

Step #1:
Purchase this deal from Rush49 and receive a unique RushPass via email. You can also access your voucher at any time from your Rush49 account.

Step #2:
Pick up your badge at any express check in counter by scanning your QR code or searching with your name. Express check in is located in the main entrance. You must have a valid 18+ ID to receive entry. Please present your Rush49 voucher on a mobile device or print out, along with a valid ID, at the desk on the day of your attendance.

Fine Print
  • All attendees and visitors must be 18+ and be able to show valid ID
  • Valid for only option purchased
  • Pick up your badge at any express check in counter by scanning your QR code or searching with your name. Express check in is located in the main entrance. You must have a valid 18+ ID to receive entry.
  • This deal is non-refundable
  • Strollers are not allowed and only service animals will be permitted within the facility

Promotional value expires January 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM MST



The Business

The Indo Expo Show is a full-spectrum Industry event. This two-day event will be focused primarily on business to business (B2B) relationships while building and supporting connections between wholesalers, growers, retailers/buyers and the public. While visiting and shopping the Show, be sure to take advantage of the numerous educational seminars, workshops and networking opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Experience Reviews


Sam Altman

Wed Feb 12 09:55:30 PST 2020

Great even with a laid back atmosphere


Rodney Barreras

Tue Feb 04 14:40:23 PST 2020

It was a really good time. Would have liked to see more hemp/CBD but the Cannabis was on point


James Dworkin

Mon Feb 03 13:55:03 PST 2020

Underwhelming on the CBD side. Was far better last year. Unlikely to attend next year.


Pamela Garza

Mon Feb 03 13:38:37 PST 2020

Saturday was for B2B and I saw a lot of people that did NOT have businesses and had to wait 20 minutes on the fast line. will be good if they review real businesses prior the day as well as expand they Hemp location as it was a lot of THC products/services.


Kimberly Tracy Kemmere

Mon Feb 03 08:49:41 PST 2020

It was better for the MMJ side.


Levern Bethea

Fri Jan 31 11:55:43 PST 2020

One of the greatest events on the planet. Love what they do for this amazing plant.


Mark Leblanc

Fri Jan 31 08:08:35 PST 2020

Great for free swag and networking!


Sherman Schuett

Thu Jan 30 20:47:10 PST 2020

Good show! Very well done. Good people, very smooth and informative.


S Hanson

Thu Jan 30 19:22:35 PST 2020

The vendors were amazing. Seed vendors were especially generous. Amazing group of people. Can't for the next one!


Ryan Russell

Thu Jan 30 17:33:20 PST 2020

It was much better in 2019. Expo cheeped out big time


Cesar Alfaro

Thu Jan 30 16:06:05 PST 2020

Great venue, great people, awesome customer service


Micheal Schmidt

Thu Jan 30 15:19:30 PST 2020

Other than the long line to get in, having waited an hour, it was a good show.


Fernando Toro

Thu Jan 30 15:13:06 PST 2020

The world’s biggest catalog in one building...


Matt Lipscomb

Thu Jan 30 14:36:54 PST 2020

Nicest group of people!


Norm Wirth

Thu Jan 30 13:55:08 PST 2020

As a hemp farmer, I was extremely disappointed in the quality and quantity of information and of the vendors that cater to hemp propagation. I did not attend Sunday’s session although I had paid for it and for a motel room. Don’t promote this expo as “hemp oriented “ when in fact it was mostly for pot. Waste of my time and money


Payton Roper

Thu Jan 30 13:51:04 PST 2020

Get more food!!! There’s so many great delicious small business !! Forget subway and grilled cheeses. Supply local food!


Shaun Bowker

Thu Jan 30 13:36:13 PST 2020

Great expo but the line took us over a hour to get in and we bought tickets 2 months ahead. They need to mail out your passes and lanyard out.


Tony Keeton

Thu Jan 30 13:04:29 PST 2020

Meet great people


Ruwayd foumia

Thu Jan 30 12:49:53 PST 2020

Was looking for certain vendors that I did not see there, I was basically expecting it to be as big as a Vegas show but it wasn’t


Jarvis Humphrey

Thu Jan 30 12:47:52 PST 2020

Awesome event!!!!! Love the City !!!!!


Chuck Graber

Thu Jan 30 12:41:24 PST 2020

Expo was good, very informative and a variety of vendors. Entrance to and obtaining badge went smoothly considering the number of people at opening on Sunday.


Jonna Shetrawski

Thu Jan 30 12:37:14 PST 2020

It was my first expo and it did not disappoint. Great knowledge, awesome vibes, amazing products. I love this community <3


Brianna McCallian

Thu Jan 30 12:25:28 PST 2020

Very well attended and enjoyed show. The issues that we ran into were before the show. It was very difficult to get ahold of anyone from the show with questions or concerns. It would often take multiple calls and emails that were never returned. So overall the show turned out fine but much stress could have been avoided if our questions would have been answered in a timely manner.


ian landi

Thu Jan 30 12:22:02 PST 2020

Always a good time


william graham

Thu Jan 30 12:15:48 PST 2020

I am a cannabis trade show veteran and was so glad to see so many real growers again. We don't just make products in boxes, we make solutions and invite the concerns of growers. We were able to discuss growers' concerns and experience at the table, all day, every day.


Lee Womack

Thu Jan 30 12:14:41 PST 2020

No selections of anything other than seeds...


Whitney Justice

Thu Jan 30 12:10:48 PST 2020

Unremarkable expo.


Michael Pierce

Thu Jan 30 12:10:17 PST 2020

There should of been separate line for Rush49 paying customers. I had to wait with people that got a free pass? I feel like I over paid for something I could of gotten for free. I have been in the industry for over ten years! I paid $149 plus tax for this! That was wrong on your part!!


Nadine Morganflash

Thu Jan 30 12:09:10 PST 2020

The express line was very long so I had my husband wait in line, my mother in law uses a wheelchair and on oxygen! At 11 we went to the front of the line to wait for my husband and they let us in ! That was extremely nice and very much appreciated!


Frank Zajic

Thu Jan 30 12:07:22 PST 2020

The attendance on Sunday was disappointing. I attended previous Indo Expo’s in Denver where the hall was packed


Kevin Hawley

Thu Jan 30 12:06:01 PST 2020

More geared toward home grows. I am a commercial grower. Some fuck face stole my wallet.


Michael Bogan

Thu Jan 30 07:02:38 PST 2020

Great expo good knowledge and lots of samples and great breeders!


Richard McGowan

Wed Jan 29 12:12:37 PST 2020

Great event. They had everything under one food.


Sue Hodges

Thu Feb 21 08:16:57 PST 2019

Very informative event‼� Lights, seeds & soil reaped good advice‼� The Cons‼� Venue too small to accommodate that many people‼�


tyler widdowson

Tue Feb 05 04:08:14 PST 2019

I loved itgreat deals, great people. Great networking.


David Wilkinson

Mon Feb 04 10:42:20 PST 2019

After attending business expos for over 20 years, this is by far the WORST one ever! There was absolutely no parking, the lines were around the building, there was a second event taking place on the other side with cars streaming in without any place to go! For 2 days we tried to get in unsuccessfully. Poorly planned, wrong location, horrible parking, oversold tickets. I will never again go to an event called Indo Expo. What a horrible waste of time and resources, especially since we drove down from Fort Collins and spent the night in a hotel! I will be sharing this story publicly many times how not to have an Expo!


David Wilkinson

Mon Feb 04 10:41:32 PST 2019

After attending business expos for over 20 years, this is by far the WORST one ever! There was absolutely no parking, the lines were around the building, there was a second event taking place on the other side with cars streaming in without any place to go! For 2 days we tried to get in unsuccessfully. Poorly planned, wrong location, horrible parking, oversold tickets. I will never again go to an event called Indo Expo. What a horrible waste of time and resources, especially since we drove down from Fort Collins and spent the night in a hotel! I will be sharing this story publicly many times how not to have an Expo!


Cameron Thomas

Mon Feb 04 08:59:18 PST 2019

Easy to use, but could use more written direction on what building to enter into.


Amber Peterson

Sun Feb 03 11:03:08 PST 2019

Awesome job! Easy tickets



Sat Feb 02 08:31:19 PST 2019

Prepaid was the way to go. Made the wait faster. Will definitely use again. Thanks DD


Desbah Farden

Fri Feb 01 10:46:55 PST 2019

A line, but a team checked our passes and distributed wrist bands for a most speedy walk into the event. Good value.


Judd Everly

Fri Feb 01 09:28:52 PST 2019

The content of the event is priceless. The organization and checking people in was extremely disappointing.


Caroline Borst

Fri Feb 01 08:23:44 PST 2019

There were different passes for the event that had different entrances for each pass with what felt like no proper signage/clarification. It became a total headache and meant standing in multiple lines for hours. There was also a day of name change fee that cost as much as purchasing an entirely new ticket... Still love the event, but little details made the day challenging.


Ron Wyatt

Fri Feb 01 07:08:25 PST 2019

I froze for an hour outside to get my badge and I was at the front of a very disorganized line up


Terry Scott

Thu Jan 31 22:50:59 PST 2019

Overall good experience. I felt it was a little confusing getting into the event.


Bryce Brisbin

Thu Jan 31 17:23:04 PST 2019

There was a seperate entrance for the Rush49 Ticket holders and when I got there prior to the show opening the line was as long as the standard badged attendee's. It took about 40 minutes to get into the event but the process was painless. I had no hassles and got in at a lesser rate then if I got in through the event channel. This is my second event through Rush49 and I find it a valuable addition and will use them again.



Thu Jan 31 17:17:20 PST 2019

easy to access. plenty of parking


Michelle Nataros

Wed Jan 30 15:53:26 PST 2019

getting in was a nightmare and although Saturday was advertised as B2B - there is no way that was the case.


Larry Wallace

Wed Jan 30 15:53:15 PST 2019

Great time great people . Had an amazing time. Would definitely return and recommend this event. Thanks so much for your time.


Katherine Backes

Wed Jan 30 15:05:43 PST 2019

Everything was good with the pricing and such. The bad part was when we arrived at the Expo the sign in to get passes was terrible. Un-organized, waiting 2 and half hours to get in the door. Signage incorrect, people handling the line situation terrible. In the cold 2 and half hours is terrible.


Robert Mongler

Wed Jan 30 15:00:52 PST 2019

liked finding all the vendors in one place


Jose Lara

Wed Jan 30 14:56:24 PST 2019

I still hold hope for this industry despite what I witnessed. There were few elements present which were exceptional.


Judy Daniels

Wed Jan 30 14:11:37 PST 2019

Quality representation of the industry present. The presentation were informative but lacked diversity within the industry (e.g. research panel - only one research company represented).


Timothy Brasby

Wed Jan 30 13:56:01 PST 2019

Loved it! Well organized and very inviting, lots to do and lots to see. Strongly enjoyed and will be returning next year.


Brandon Neal

Wed Jan 30 13:42:01 PST 2019

The event was great! Having said that...the instructions and process for entry was a little sketchy. My business partner and I got sent to the front of the line. So, it made little difference to us; but, there were a lot of pissed off people outside. We will be at the event in Denver next year!


Logan Schenk

Wed Jan 30 13:16:23 PST 2019

Good convention, I enjoyed what I got out of it. Price for tickets were a little too expensive for my liking.



Wed Jan 30 12:51:59 PST 2019

The registration process was not well organized and most people where in line in the cold for over an hour. Presentations in the Hemp Pavilion were difficult to listen to because of the excessive noise outside. Presentations in Halls A and B were adequate acoustically.


James Page

Wed Jan 30 12:46:14 PST 2019

Indo Expo was amazing. Great people. Great genetics. 10/10 will go next year too


Lexy Cardonne

Wed Jan 30 12:40:19 PST 2019

Had an amazing time!! @rhize_above


Blayze Badiny

Wed Jan 30 12:39:20 PST 2019

The line to get in on the first day even in the industry pass line took longer then expected.... they definitely could’ve came up with a more effective way to speed things up. Plus it wasn’t 30 degrees w/windchill outside. Ain’t nobody got time for that lol


Anthony Colasacco

Wed Jan 30 12:36:38 PST 2019

Cool event, but could have used some better planning. People had to wait outside in the cold for far too long. Bathroom were always out of paper towels. Just some more attention to detail would have been nice.


Jill H.

Wed Jan 30 12:34:43 PST 2019

Our first expo to attend........ great contacts made and diverse products. The entry to the event was poorly managed though. It was the slowest entry into an event of any sort, that I have ever experienced. I understand the Fire Marshall issue but name tags and lanyards, etc. should have been prepared in advance of event for tickets pre-purchased. We had arrived at 9:50 and was finally allowed in around 11:00 to then have to stand in another line for the name tag process. We missed the first speaker we wanted to hear.


Dave Charnick

Wed Jan 30 12:34:06 PST 2019

The entry procedure in frigid temperatures was bush league. Having a 2 hour wait only to be told Rush 49 tickets have to go to the other entrance was very unprofessional. I received a terrible value for my $149 purchase.


greg happner

Wed Jan 30 12:31:33 PST 2019

Yess!!! Every year go to indo expo!


Jamed Thompson

Wed Jan 30 12:28:59 PST 2019

After paying $150 I would not have expected to wait hours yo enter the building


Tecumseh Spaulding

Wed Jan 30 12:26:24 PST 2019

It seems as if there was a price increase from the vendors. If everyone was more affordable like Jinxproof More people would be able to purchase more genetics. So for the show it was awesome lots of people and the people I wanted to see were there. The venue was what it is the Denver Merchandise Mart has been around for years and probably one of the only venues capable of housing this event would love to see a outdoor event similar to this one in the coming years.


Connor Fleming

Wed Jan 30 12:26:24 PST 2019

Fantastic trade show! Met lots of fellow grow nerds and grow enthusiasts. The vendors were all extremely knowledgeable and friendly


Samantha Dragomir

Wed Jan 30 12:25:18 PST 2019

The expo itself was great but they did not think about the large mass amount of people I believe they sold so many tickets and they we’re not organized when it came to scanning people in the door



Wed Jan 30 12:23:43 PST 2019

The line on Sunday was atrocious getting in the door and it was a separate entrance.


Tim Drennan

Wed Jan 30 12:23:09 PST 2019

Event was supposed to open at 10am, got there at 9:00am, didn't get in to the building until 11:20 waiting out in the sub-freezing temperatures. No vetting on the companies allowed to promote there. One contract manufacturer wasn't even CDPHE approved food grade and they were making food products. A waste of time and money from an Industry vet.


Eric Brannock

Wed Jan 30 12:21:13 PST 2019

Check in was slow I know the rush 49 tickets were wrong.


Katlin Christopher

Wed Jan 30 12:20:47 PST 2019

The experience does not match the cost. More needs to be done. For $150 you should include parking upfront on Sunday when others paid a third of what I did. And give out food vouchers for Saturday! No reentry on such a high ticket cost is insane!


Dan Baker

Wed Jan 30 12:14:16 PST 2019

Poorly managed event, false advertising.


Jay Pennington

Wed Jan 30 12:13:19 PST 2019

The trade show was excellent. For someone representing a company getting into servicing the cannabis and hemp markets and a fan of the industry it was exceptional. That said, the lines to get in Saturday morning were rediculously long and slow. There was little information about what was going on - people were in the wrong lines and there was no organization in line structure and traffic. It just seeemed that it was WAY more popular than expected and you had trouble handling the crowds. At the end of the day it still was awesome and we’ll be displaying at the show next year. Have a great day.


Adolpha Cole

Wed Jan 30 12:11:12 PST 2019

The disorganization to get inside the event on the first day was beyond ridiculous and unacceptable. To spend hours in a line outside in the cold when you're ticket was prepaid made this event feel very unprofessional and to my understanding this was the same event company as last year? Just, wow. Needless to say, I won't be at the next one.


Stephen Fowler

Wed Jan 30 11:59:12 PST 2019

The seminar/speaker space that was adjacent to the display booths was a joke. Couldn't hear the speakers, screen was too small, and there was constant & loud noise in the background. After showing up nearly an hour early on Saturday and then having to wait in line for nearly 2 hours, many people were very frustrated.


Lucas Hoff

Wed Jan 30 11:58:43 PST 2019

Honestly the worst expo I've been to. Poorly organized. Giving the industry a bad name.


Kristopher Ross

Wed Jan 30 11:58:23 PST 2019

Very elementary presentations. Much of the floor had more of a yard sale feel. A quarter of the booths were staffed by knowledgeable and helpful professionals.


Gregory Silva

Wed Jan 30 11:42:49 PST 2019

loved all the vendors !!! I bet you would get more interest / attendance if your tickets were more around 29.95 ... just sayin


Heather Usow

Wed Jan 30 11:40:38 PST 2019

The vendors were great professional and educational. The seminars were largely Sales pitches. The 1 thing that HAS to improve is the organization for letting people who already have tickets into the venue! I waited 2 hours outside in Denver in January during a cold snap, missed a seminar that I wanted to see (I showed up 40 minutes before the doors open to make sure I didn't miss anything!)


Arend Lenderink

Wed Jan 30 11:33:10 PST 2019

They over sold tickets and did not have enough staff to properly allow people entry. I waited in line for 2 hours after paying $160 for tickets. Absolutely absurd.


Lisa Flagg

Wed Jan 30 11:27:08 PST 2019

Super unorganized. Waited outside for almost 2 hours to get inside because no one knew what line was what. Missed 2 classes we wanted to take because we couldn’t get in. Needed to have a plan before hundreds of people outside in the cold waiting.


Lance Wawer

Wed Jan 30 11:17:51 PST 2019

Impressive range of businesses ... everything related to the Cannabis industry under one roof. Legal, business software, irrigation, lights, nutrients, genetics, cloning, extraction, storage, packaging, labeling, textiles, transportation, marketing, and an amazing range of hemp & CBD products that were truly eye-opening. Show was as professional as it gets, without compromising its roots. Among the trade shows in this industry, Indo-Expo is the best meeting of old school Cannabis culture with modern business offerings. Really a worthwhile weekend.

Mike Hakkenberg

Wed Jan 30 10:55:10 PST 2019

Good Show, I paid $38 bucks for pay retail from all the producers and drove for 1 1/2 to get there! 25 minutes to find a parking spot...NEVER AGAIN!!!


Jeremiah Grissom

Wed Jan 30 10:48:39 PST 2019

Excellent time in Denver for the premiere cannabis trade show! And seed drops!


Stephen Raisner

Wed Jan 30 10:46:47 PST 2019

Was good. I thought the speakers were good I really enjoyed frenchys talk


Dan Margenau

Wed Jan 30 10:44:39 PST 2019

Very disorganized, and poorly coordinated. Stood in line for hours.


Zac Craig

Wed Jan 30 10:41:30 PST 2019

Only thing that sucked was line and entrance management, feel like it coulda been more streamlined instead of people huddling in groups and pushing their way in


Peter Stone

Wed Jan 30 10:37:53 PST 2019

Lots of people event was great impressive hemp section


Dan Baker

Wed Jan 30 10:37:31 PST 2019

Terrible show the organizers should refund the money. Show was supposed to open at 10am. We show up about 11am and there was a 1/4 mile line 4 people wide at the front entrance not moving anywhere. An employee at the back of the line asked if we were rush 49. She told us that our "VIP" entrance was on the opposite side of the building, which we were relieved to hear. We walk around the outside of the building to find another line 1/8 mile long 4 people wide waiting there for us. The "VIP" line for B2B day. They didn't even start moving the line until nearly 12pm! We got in about 1:00 pm and they told us that they were out of the $200 gift bags, but we could come back after walking the show. Show was completely packed. They let the non-Rush 49 group in the building before the the super special extra $$$ Rush 49 group because "they were easier to process". Walked the show for 1.5 hours. Went back to claim our $200 gift bag as promised and it was a typical crap trade show bag with a with just the show guide booklet in it. I held up the booklet and asked they guy if the $200 value was inside of it. He looked at me shaking his head and embarrassedly said "I know man". They sold the tickets and knew how many people were coming right? They wrote the marketing for the super duper special Rush 49 VIP package right? The show owner may want to contract with a real trade show management company next time.


Mary Beth McAuley

Wed Jan 30 10:36:09 PST 2019

If you had Rush 49 tickets you were shuffled around to the back of of the event and the machines did not recognize the tickets that were purchased. I will not purchase through you again. The event itself was very informative.


Aaron Dahl

Wed Jan 30 10:32:07 PST 2019

Show was great, venue was lacking. It was very easy to miss vendors within the maze of rooms and halls. This seemed like a big enough expo to be had at the Denver convention center.


William Bowman

Wed Jan 30 10:25:02 PST 2019

Haven’t used it yet . Every thing was great . Except the wait time to get it !


Austin Olson

Wed Jan 30 10:21:59 PST 2019

Way over priced event not worth a second of my time worst run event I've ever been to. Took 2 hours just to get through the door just to find out it there was nothing to see


Chris Smith

Wed Jan 30 10:21:58 PST 2019

The tickets were a joke was moved from one line to another was in back of building and didn’t get to the vendor before 100s did since cash pay was let in before rush 49 waited 2 hours to get in and was held back from entering until all cash collected first bad business


Ben Herche

Wed Jan 30 10:18:39 PST 2019

The expo was amazing, the event center that ran the expo was terrible. Waiting 2-3 hours outside to get in when tickets where already purchased to a supposedly “sold out� event while watching people walk up to the door and buy a single day ticket for Saturday which they weren’t supposed to be selling and not having to wait in 2-3 hour line. The event needs to be moved downtown where the convention center actually knows what they’re doing. Doubt I’ll be going back next year if it’s at the same place.


Matthew Linarte

Wed Jan 30 10:18:18 PST 2019

Your Line to get into the Event was horrible we waited an hour and still didn't get checked in. Your security guard put her hands on me when I was trying to leave threw a clear EXIT Horrible Customer service


Logan Bird

Wed Jan 30 10:14:46 PST 2019

This event was awesome the only complaint I'd have was the way the lines were on the first day for check in.


Corey Wells

Wed Jan 30 10:12:50 PST 2019

I got w bunch of great products and met some terrific it


Blair Naifeh

Wed Jan 30 10:06:49 PST 2019

I stood in lines for 2 hours. That sucked!! Facilities are sub-par


Sam Streeter

Wed Jan 30 10:06:46 PST 2019

On Saturday morning I waiting in line for over 2 hours. There was nobody telling people which line to wait in, people were standing in water and snow in the shade. My ticket has 2 barcodes on it. How hard would it have been to scan people's tickets at the door. The fact that I had to give my information again once I got to the door. How hard can it be... On Saturday I waited in line for an hour, again with no guidance as to which line to be in. I was then sepated from my party for an unknown reason when I was let in and the ticket checker wanted to... Not even look at their IDs. As of now unless these concerns are addressed I will not be attending again, and will encourage other people not to as well.


Greg Trusso

Wed Jan 30 10:05:43 PST 2019

Check in process was slow and painful


Charles Gallegos

Thu Jan 10 08:07:45 PST 2019

Indo Expo it is great get your tickets


Norman Mcbride

Tue Jan 08 14:35:27 PST 2019

The web site was easy to navigate threw,other than I bought two tickets and the name needs to be changed them both have my name can someone call me 5737210272


Xavier B

Mon Jan 07 20:31:59 PST 2019

I am beyond excited! This is one of the best events to attend.


Justin Goodlin

Mon Jan 07 09:48:01 PST 2019

Stoked to go. Initially looking pretty promising


Jacob Spanel

Sun Jan 06 13:06:50 PST 2019

Very quick and painless check out 2nd year iv used it


Robert Daniels

Sun Jan 06 08:39:04 PST 2019

Very excited! A lot of knowledge and experience for a cheap low price!!


Richard Iturriaga

Sat Jan 05 09:03:09 PST 2019

Easy and consice. Looking forward to seeing the latest advances in the industry.


Ryan Sterling

Thu Jan 03 11:29:38 PST 2019

Looking forward to a great show. Industry is growing at such a fast pace these events are so helpful to stay connected.


DeeDub Gallery

Fri Dec 28 10:07:42 PST 2018

By Growers for growers this is the real deal convention for the cannabis community to network and expand.


Andrew Rodwell

Sat Dec 08 08:26:46 PST 2018

I can't wait to go to the Indo expo. It's alot of fun


Jonathan Shinault

Thu Nov 29 18:51:39 PST 2018

Quick and east eleven more characters


Mike Gonzalez

Fri Feb 02 12:46:37 PST 2018

It was good very informative


John Stough

Thu Feb 01 06:41:30 PST 2018

It was a total unorganized disaster. The main seminars that I drove halfway across the country for ( 20hrs one way ) were canceled due to poor organization. A disgrace to our industry

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