Things To Do This Weekend – Los Angeles – 2-19-16

It's the weekend of February 19th, and we're looking for things to do this weekend. Thank god for some rain this week, we desperately needed it (and my car needed a wash). Now that my car is washed, I feel like I can actually drive it places this weekend and not look like I never wash my car.

So this weekend's weather is perfect for me to take my car out for a spin. It's just gonna get warmer and warmer as the weekend goes on, so let's get out there and get into it!




High: 65

High: 69

High: 75

Low: 49

Low: 52

Low: 54

No more rain this weekend, which is nice. It's just gonna be sunny. So we can be both outdoors and indoors. Here's your itinerary for this weekend.

Things To Do This Weekend Chocolate & Art

Friday Night – The Chocolate & Art Show

$15 at the door, the Chocolate & Art Show is coming to downtown LA. The art is pretty amazing, and the chocolate is just as good. There is live art, art created on site, as well as art on display. So if you like chocolate and want something extra special to go with it, check out The Chocolate & Art Show. It runs from 8pm – 2am at KGB Studios 1630 North Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012. You can also go Saturday too, if you'd prefer.

Saturday Day – Cupid’s Undie Run

Assuming you didn’t run the LA Marathon, hopefully you’re rested enough to do LA’s Cupid’s Undie Run. With a high of 69 on Saturday, it’s actually going to be great weather to go for a run. It’s a fun run that starts with a party and ends with a party. Cupid’s Undie Run fundraises for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and help to fight Neurofibromatosis. So put on some nice underwear for this brief run (oh the puns...). Tickets are $55 bucks, and a great way to get a tan before summer.

Saturday Night – Comedy Show

Everyone deserves some good laughs. My preferred place is M.i Westside Comedy Theater. Located just behind the Third Street Promenade (and yeah, it’s on the westside, in Santa Monica), it’s a great place for good laughs at a low price. They tend to have a lot of new and established talent show up, so there's always something interesting. That’s what makes live comedy fun. Just like in life, you never really know what you’re going to get. And that’s why I recommend it. There are also a bunch of bars and restaurants to hit, so make it a date night. If you don’t live on the westside and don’t like going that far, there are a bunch of comedy spots off Sunset, and also in the valley.

Things To Do This Weekend Legos

Sunday – A Botanic Garden of Legos

While I look for things to do over the weekend, I occasionally check the local museums and gardens. I stumbled upon this little gem. At the South Coast Botanic Garden in PVP (Palos Verdes Pennisula), there is now an exhibit by artist Sean Kenney of 27 natured-themed displays created wholly from Lego blocks. Here are three reasons to go: First off, it’s going to be a gorgeous Sunday. Second, it’s in a botanical garden, and third, you can to see a life size bison constructed from 45,153 LEGO bricks. Honestly, I’m always amazed by what people do with LEGOs, and this is no exception. Check out the website here if you think I’m pulling your chain.

So that’s it for our Things To Do This Weekend. Let us know in the comments what you plan to do next weekend, and don’t forget to like us on Facebook.

Wait, before you go, I do have a special update on next weekend.

Next Saturday – The Razzies

Next weekend is the Oscars, but a more important award ceremony is happening the day before… The Razzies. After Halle Berry’s amazing speech for winning her Razzie for Catwoman, how could you not want to go? This year’s award nominees includes everyone’s favorites Pixels, Fifth Shades of Grey, Mortdecai, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, and more. It’s purposefully low budget and accessible to everyone. And honestly, you never know which celebrity might show up to accept their award. Both Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry showed up to accept theirs. Do you want to miss to chance to see an actor win one of the most important awards of their career? You can buy tickets from us here.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. Great round-up of this weekend's events! Love the added videos and images. Definitely want to check out the Chocolate & Art Show and one of the shows at Westside Comedy :D
  2. Love all these ideas, especially the Razzies! Never thought about attending but now that I know it's possible I can't contain my excitement.
  3. Bought my ticket! Let's hope a celeb can show up Hallie in their acceptance speech this weekend!

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