Rush49 Welcomes Nagu Thogiti – AI Pioneer

EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA, August 1, 2019 --

Rush49, America’s industry leader in experiences, welcomes Nagu Thogiti to its Board of Advisors. Mr. Thogiti joins Rush49 as it builds its new Experience as a Service (EAAS) offering. “EAAS is an exciting new concept in customer service,” said Kumar Kotla, CEO and founder of Rush49. “While other companies end their customer engagement as soon as the credit card clears, at Rush49 we want to be there for the customer at every stage of the process, from planning all the way through the experience itself.”

Thogiti will bring extensive experience and expertise in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. Emerging from the AI educational hotbeds of USC and MIT, Nagu has worked with AI teams at Google, Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and many others. In 2015 he founded his company Programfy Inc. and created a NLP/NLU AI Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Platform to identify, manage, and mitigate risks in the Enterprise contracts, strengthen compliance programs & internal controls, and comply with new domestic and international regulations. He was also mentoring and advising the computer scientists and medical professionals at National Taiwan Hospital Systems (NTUH) in building AI healthcare projects as an AI advisory role.

He was also responsible for the execution of numerous market research and proposals for enterprise problems using AI and Blockchain for C-level executive leadership in the US and Asia, specializing in the Finance, Healthcare, Leisure Travel, and Retail Industries. As Executive Advisor & Head of Digital Marketing, Analytics & Technology for Viking Cruises, his work and leadership resulted in a hockey-stick growth effect from building a data driven integrated marketing technology platform for personalized and addressable marketing that scaled to hundreds millions of customers. Working as Director of Data Science, Business Intelligence & Database Marketing at PCM, he designed and executed Business Intelligence & Data Science projects for B2B, B2G and B2C customer sectors, increasing company revenues and saving company multi-millions of dollars in customer acquisition costs.

This background will serve Rush49 well as they roll out their EAAS program, featuring an AGI Concierge service that will provide on-demand information to customers both before and after the purchase. “As consumer dollars shift from buying things to investing in experiences, Rush49 wants to provide a best-in-class platform to ensure customers can focus on the experience itself rather than wasting time and effort gaining pertinent information. We are committed to being trailblazers in this space and are excited about the platform we have developed. We are thrilled to have Nagu come aboard to help us maximize its value and impact for our customers.”

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