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If you find yourself in the SoCal area, San Diego is the bustling hot spot to explore! Whether you live there, you’ve visited before, or you have never been, you’ll find something fun to do around every corner.

While Rush49 offers tons of exciting things to do in SD, we are always looking for new things to feature on our site. So of course we need to check out everything for ourselves first! Well, Diego…you sure didn’t disappoint.

Our two and a half hour road trip started on a Saturday afternoon from the Rush49 headquarters in Los Angeles. With our staff-picked Spotify playlist blasting and a plethora of snacks and drinks on hand, the fun began at the start of our engine! The drive alone was filled with sights and places featured in notable deals past and present, such as La Jolla Half Marathon and the Long Beach Tacos and Beer Festival. We reminisced about the fun we had at those events and discussed the exciting new events we had in the pipeline.

Once we reached San Diego, it was around 6:30pm. We checked into the Omni Hotel, had a quick hour-long workout session at the hotel’s fitness center, then set out to explore the Gaslamp Quarter. Block after block was filled with tons of things to see, do, and taste! From park areas and promenades to restaurants of just about any cuisine, there was something to try anywhere we looked. We scouted things to do for the night and the following morning. We had Sunday afternoon tickets to the SD Padres vs. Colorado Rockies game, but we knew we wanted to so something fun beforehand to make the most of this great city! We ended our night with some yummy food from Double Standard Kitchenetta and a little nightlife galavanting.


The next morning began with another workout to get our energy pumping. We were then ready to take on Sunday in San Diego! The night before, we noticed green eco bikes for rent right outside of our hotel, so we had to try them out. Whizzing in and out of foot and car traffic on these bikes was a more exhilarating adventure than we had anticipated. Each bike comes equipped with a basket to hold your wallet, keys, phone, etc, but we were so distracted by all the happenings around us, none of us captured a single photo…fail! After a brisk 45 minute ride, we headed back to the hotel to pack and head to the baseball game.


One of the coolest things about the Omni Hotel is that it has a bridge that connects it to Petco Park, so entering the stadium for the game was a breeze. Our seats were right behind first base in the Omni Premier VIP section. A huge perk of this area is the in-seat waiter service and unlimited food, drinks, beer, and wine until the 7th inning. Boy, did we take advantage. To say we tried a little bit of everything on the menu would be an understatement. From mahi mahi tacos to carne asada fries, delicious burgers, sandwiches, salads, and your typical stadium fare, there was truly something for everyone…and then some. By the 7th inning we were stuffed, but we made sure to grab some snacks for the trip back home.


The game took about three hours and unfortunately ended with the home team being defeated by the Rockies, but we still had a blast…along with a few well-worth-it stomachaches. The trip home was a quick one. On the road we discussed what experience was the most fun during our mini vacation, and we all gave a different answer. And that is the best part about San Diego…there is just so much to do, and all of it is enjoyable for any person’s interest.

Our growing expansion into San Diego has all of us at Rush49 very excited, and getting to see first-hand what the city had to offer definitely cemented many more road trips in the near future!

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