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Hello my virtual pals! It’s ya girl, Adeets! Lately, I’ve been thinking about how summer is drawing to an end and how the schools are slowly beginning to open back up. But does that mean the fun has to end? 

What if it never had to?!?

Drumroll please...Introducing Your Weekend Planner, where I give you the lowdown on what’s hot and happening near you all weekend long! I’ll do all the planning and let you have all the fun (don’t worry, we play hard too). 

AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday 

Get ready for a relaxing and informative day at the Aquarium of the Pacific! This is the perfect place to bring your family to explore the vibrant reefs of the Tropical Pacific, become acquainted with a green sea turtle, or witness the wonders of bioluminescence. The kids will have a great time at the virtual Paint a Fish exhibit, where they can digitally paint their own fishes and watch them come to life right before their eyes! Just be sure to book your tickets in advance and bring a mask!  

WORLD OF ILLUSIONS ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Ever wondered what the world would look like if you were the size of a bug? Well, the closest way of finding out is by paying a visit to the Giant’s House at the World of Illusions. Here, you will come across a massive donut the size of a truck wheel and even a shoe you can fit your whole body into! Defy gravity at the Upside Down house or alleviate your pent up frustration at the SMASH IT! exhibit. After a long week of school or work, sometimes we just need to do something cathartic. And what could be more stress relieving than smashing plates? 

BALBOA FUN TOURS - Newport Beach ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

With fall well on its way, this may be your last chance to hit the beaches before it gets cold (well, cold for SoCal anyways). I’d suggest Newport Beach! You can soak up the last rays of that summer sun as you kayak, paddleboard, surf, segway, or bike. Not only are all these activities a fabulous way to get your workout in, they are also a great way to connect with nature. And when you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite, there are some great restaurants sprawled out near the dock just for your convenience. Check out Newport Landing for some delicious seafood or Cabo Cantina for some Mexican with margaritas. Afterwards, pay a visit to Sugar N’ Spice for a little something cold n’ nice (frozen bananas and ice cream). So what are you waiting for?


Staying active is great, but sometimes your regular old gym just isn’t exciting enough. This is the perfect opportunity to switch things up by taking an introductory climbing class at the Stronghold Climbing Gym. For a mere $19, you can take a 2-3 hour class in which you will learn the basics of rock climbing. Don’t fret about bringing any gear; it’s all part of the deal.  


If you and your friends are into extreme sports, this one’s for you. It’s the #1 Paintball and Airsoft Park in the world, and for good reason. The park spans over 28 acres and offers a wide variety of fields, each with a different theme based on real movie sets. From Saving Private Ryan to Godzilla, this park has it all. The paintballs have a softer impact so the little ones can join the fun too. Grab your fellow soldiers and rally the troops!

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