13 Hidden Secrets of LA

Are you planning a trip to Los Angeles soon? You may have decided on a few things that you would like to do. Like most people, you must be excited about the iconic views from Griffith Observatory or wandering around the popular Venice Beach.

Of course, it is important to experience the famous LA stuff, but you would not want to miss the hidden gems. While most people are unaware of these places and experiences in Los Angeles, they can offer quite unexpected and surprising insights into the city.

If you are ready to explore the lesser-known secrets of LA, here is a list of the top 13 places that are worth a visit during your upcoming trip.

1. Korean Friendship Bell


Located in Angel’s Gate Park (American Korean Peace Park) in San Pedro, the Korean Friendship Bell is one of the top hidden gems in LA. The South Korean Government gifted this bell to the United States to signify their friendship. You may recognize this landmark from the film “The Usual Suspects.” Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from a hill, the bronze bell is massive and weighs 17 tons.

2. Blue Holic Scuba

If you’re determined not to return home without a fun learning experience from Los Angeles, then Blue Holic Scuba is for you. It is a 5-star PADI scuba diving center, and everyone from locals to visitors can join the class. The scuba diving course also offers an Open Water Diver Certification that lets you dive anywhere in the world.

3. Spadena Witch House


Spadena Witch House can make you feel like you just entered a storybook novel. Harry Oliver, an art teacher in Hollywood, designed this famous house that is a super-fun family attraction. The lush gardens, moat-like pond, and lopsided roofs are a must-see hidden spot in Los Angeles.

4. GoJump Oceanside

As if skydiving anywhere was not cool enough, how about skydiving with ocean views? [LW1] If you’re looking for an adventurous LA experience that you will remember for years, GoJump by Oceanside offers an amazing skydiving opportunity from up to 15 000 ft. Not to worry, you will also receive a short training class.

5. Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM is exactly what the name suggests and is the first cupcake ATM in the world. There are six of these hidden gems dispensing not cash, but delicious cupcakes, and they can only be found in Los Angeles. Most of them are open 24 hours a day, so hit one up whatever time you get the craving. Don’t forget to bring your family to enjoy all the fresh cookies and cupcakes.

6. Multimedia Art Expo- Hollywood

Sure, illusion exhibitions and museums are the new things everywhere, but the Multimedia Art Expo is truly the next level. Located on Hollywood Boulevard, it is the first museum in the US that specializes in digital art. MAX leaves visitors stunned with its latest digital projections, cutting-edge laser technology, and interactive installations. It is an incredibly fun place to visit with friends.

7. Museum of Dream Space- Beverly Center

It is hard to miss out on the Museum of Dream Space by Beverly Center when talking about unique and immersive art experiences. Open to anyone above the age of 13, MoDS offers an amazing opportunity to experience and appreciate art in new and unique ways. You can visit with friends or even a spouse/date for a fun experience and Instagram-worthy pictures.

8. The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

Today, the childhood home of America’s 37th president is his official presidential library. It is not just the library that serves as a hidden gem in Los Angeles, but the stunning venue is also worth visiting. You are bound to love the scenic garden and Nixon’s original Marine One helicopter.

9. Virginia Robinson Gardens


Virginia and Harry were retail giants back in 1911 that owned the Virginia Robinson Gardens. The interesting thing about this mansion was Beverly Hills’ first-ever luxury estate. Anyone can visit the venue and experience the beautiful mansion that spans over six acres.

10. Los Angeles Rum Festival

Although the festival only takes place one day of the year, it is one that no rum lover must miss. If you are visiting Los Angeles in September, make sure to visit The Majestic Downtown on the 9th to experience the ultimate celebration of all things rum. Not to forget, you can also sample premium rums on your visit.

11. The Bunny Museum

The Bunny Museum is the cutest of all hidden gems in Los Angeles due to its vast collection of 35,000 rabbit-themed items. Also known as the Hoppiest Place on Earth[LW2] , this museum is designed according to a true love story. You might want to visit it with your date or even your kids.

12. OC Wine Spirit Fest

Presented by Giracci Vineyards and Farms, the OC Wine & Spirit Fest offers a luxurious and modern tasting experience with a laidback coastal vibe. The celebration includes a tasting[LW3]  of some of the best wine, spirits, craft brews, and hard seltzer, plus an array of vendors and food trucks. Make sure to visit the festival on May 7th to have a fun and entertaining wine-tasting experience.

13. Battleship USS Iowa Museum

Battleship Iowa is a must-visit museum in Los Angeles if you are interested in fascinating local museum culture. In its time, the USS Iowa was an extremely important battleship that served during the Korean War, Cold War, and even World War II. Make sure to visit the award-winning museum if you wish to learn about the history of the US Navy as well as the USS Iowa. In case you are still looking for fun activities and trending things in Los Angeles, Rush49 can help you out. We also offer deals and packages to make the experience hassle-free for you.

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