Skydive experience, Skydive coupon, Skydive promo code, Skydive deals

Skydive experience, Skydive coupon, Skydive promo code, Skydive deals

Skydive experience, Skydive coupon, Skydive promo code, Skydive deals

Three Reasons To Plan That Skydiving Experience Today

1. You've always wanted to - You've pictured it a million times, imagined the sensation, maybe even dreamed of landing on the field during half time at the Super Bowl. Check it off your bucket list and turn that "someday" into now.
2. Your Cool Factor will double - There are few things in life with the power to give a guaranteed boost to your cool factor. Friends, significant others, children, coworkers, pets: all will look at you with admiration when they see the pics and/or video of you freefalling against the infinite horizon ... to say nothing of your Instagram and Facebook game.
3. Rush49 gives you the opportunity to choose your location and pay an affordable price. No more excuses.
Whatever your motivation, one jump will give you an experience and a story you will relive and retell for the rest of your life. Accumulate great experiences, tell better stories, and write another great chapter in the book of life. Happy Jumping.
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Qualifications -- All jump masters are U.S.P.A. rated; all aircraft and pilots arefied.

Equipment -- All rigs (parachute packs) have automatic activation devices.

"Sudden Drop" myth -- As you exit, a cushion of air created by the forward speed of the aircraft supports your body as you accelerate. There is no sudden drop feeling associated with freefall. It's more like a floating sensation as you have no other objects to relate to except blue sky.
Basic Requirement
Recent activity - You cannot jump within 48 hours of Scuba diving or within 24 hours of giving blood.

Medication - If taking prescription drugs, you must get a doctor's certificate stating no adverse effects will result from making a jump.

Disabilities - Paraplegics, quadriplegics, the blind, and the elderly are welcome.

Special restrictions may apply for those weighing over 200 pounds.

Age - You must be at least 18 years old (must bring valid government ID the day of the jump, no exceptions). No maximum if meeting other health requirements.
All appointments require reservations
For an additional fee, jumps may be recorded and photographed by the tandem instructor.
There is a brief training session before you go up ... just to learn the proper free fall position and how to hold your legs for landing. Then it is off to the plane.
1) Purchase this deal from Rush49 and receive a unique voucher code.
2) You can access your voucher any time with your Rush49 account OR receive via email.
3) Make your reservation by following the instructions located in your purchase confirmation email or Rush49 voucher.
4) Print out the voucher and take with you to your skydiving appointment.
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