Welcome back, my party people! It’s time for...Tuesday’s Titillations! It’s Adeets, with episode 6 of Tuesday’s Titillations, the weekly series where I give you the scoop on all the greatest local activities to do. 

Family Friendly

With all those high-energy and thrilling activities I’ve been supplying you with lately, now might be the time to do something that will take the edge off a bit. Take a relaxing stroll through The Butterfly Farms in Encinitas! With all the outdoor walking you’ll do, you’ll still get a bit of exercise in and your daily dose of sunshine. 

See if you can spot the difference between the Callippe fritillary and the Mylitta. Or get a bit competitive and see who will be the first to identify all the 30 native species that live at the sanctuary. One thing’s for certain: you will be dazzled by these delicate creatures that come in every size, pattern, and color. And just to entice you some more: the farm even allows you to paint your own bowl or become a plant parent! So quick! Get your tickets and go before butterfly season ends!

Family Friendly/Selfie- Conscious  

Ever feel like life is becoming a bit too monotonous? I know the feeling. Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in a never-ending loop: wake up, eat, work, sleep. And that’s why I’ve got the perfect little escapade for you. Transport yourself to an alternate universe at Let’s Play VR

Practice your batting form, figure out whether you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse, or test your culinary skills in an epic cooking showdown! To narrow down your options, games are also ranked by complexity. With over a 100 different games to choose from, there’s a little something for everyone. I guarantee this will not be your first and last visit. You’ll definitely be back for more!

Outdoor Enthusiasts

I know you guys love to stay active, so you probably have an impressive exercise regimen. BUT a little guidance from LA’s top fitness experts will go a long way.  You’ll be able to take your workouts to the next level at Prime Fit Elite. For only $95, you will get a 5 session personalized training program as well as a whole month of gym membership and unlimited classes.

You’ll be able to strengthen, sculpt, and tone your body in absolutely no time! By the time your last session draws to an end, you will have picked up life-long skills that you can implement into your everyday routine: from nutrition to stretching to strength training. So what are you waiting for? Begin your glow-up today!

We hoped you enjoyed this episode of Tuesday’s Titillations. Stay tuned and stay titillated for more great times. Catch ya next week!

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