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Thursday has rolled around once more, so welcome back to...Your Weekend Planner – the weekly series where I update you on all the most thrilling activities to do on the weekend! I’m Adeets with all the deets! 

If you’re new, join the Rush49 family 🙂 Between me and all of our experience experts, boring weekends will become a thing of the past. This week, we’ve got some unique activities for you to try out. So buckle up and get ready for your next adventure!

MYSTIC UNIVERSE - Wisdome LA ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Channel your inner yogi and go on a meditative journey at Mystic Universe. Your 90-minute adventure will transport you to a place where the worlds of art, digital technology, and meditation intersect with awe-inspiring visuals! Guests will experience visionary, fractal, comic, meditative, installation, and projection art in glorious 360-degree exhibits. You will also be able to unfold secret ancient practices and balance your chakras during 6 immersive shows. If you want to be simultaneously relaxed and stimulated, grab your tickets for this unique experience ASAP!

NEMO CHARTERS - Long Beach ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday (reservations required)

Just imagine for a moment how utterly fabulous it would be to spend a few hours fishing on your own private cruise, surrounded by a vast ocean of gentle rolling waves, under a clear blue sky? Sounds like a relaxing day! Am I right or am I right?! At Nemo Charters, you can turn this vision into a reality! Nemo Charters offers the most exhilarating deep sea fishing experience aboard a clean and sleek ‘21 Bayliner boat. In the center of the ocean you can get a clear view of marine wildlife or just enjoy a few hours being detached from the responsibilities and stress waiting for you back on dry land. The captains are more than happy to share their extensive knowledge on fishing and marine life, so you can balance your recreational time with a bit of learning too. And you don’t even have to worry about bringing your own rods, reels, and tackle; Nemo Charters has got you covered! So what are you waiting for? The deep blue sea is beckoning! 

LA SKYDIVING - Taft ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Chasing your next adrenaline rush? Well nothing can beat freefalling from an altitude of 9,000+ feet! LA Skydiving has absolutely everything you need to enjoy a safe but exhilarating experience. USPA certified jump instructors will start you off with a flight training session. Then you’ll get your feet off the ground and into an airplane that will soar higher and higher into the clouds. From there, all you’ve got to do is jump! This 60 second freefall will absolutely change your life! Scream, laugh, shout, or gasp for air as you plummet through the sky. And then get ready for a breathtaking (literally) aerial view of this beautiful planet we call home, as you slowly float back down in your parachute. This one’s not for the faint of heart, but if you can pluck up the courage to try it out, you will have a memory you will never forget! 

As always, tune back in next week for more exciting experiences. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Signing off, Adeets 🙂

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