Tuesday’s Titillations: September 14, 2021

Hello again, my people! It’s Adeets with all the latest deets! Welcome to our second episode of Tuesday’s Titillations. If you are looking for something entertaining to do near ya, you’ve come to the right place (and the right person hehe). I’ll be your little virtual trip advisor and give you the scoop on the most titillating local activities. Get ready, because I’ve got some great ones this week that you won’t want to miss. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure!  

Thrill Seekers

Ever wish you could fly like a bird? Well, at Fly Light Sports CA you can finally live out your wildest flight fantasies! Soar through the wispy clouds and get a scenic aerial view of the Southern California coastline! Do a little loop-de-loop or a small dive if you are brave enough! If this sounds a little intimidating, don’t you worry. The flight instructors will give you a thorough training session beforehand and will guide you as you are up in the air. These German-engineered aircrafts are just as fun as they are safe, so don’t hesitate to give ‘em a whirl!


This one’s the perfect date activity! Grab your SO and head to Newport Beach for a romantic night under the stars. With Ocean Explorer Cruises, you can catch the last glimpses of the sun rays as it illuminates the Pacific coast in an awe-inspiring golden glow. Enjoy drinks and good conversation with your partner as you take in the beautiful waterfront estates along the coastline. Get up and slow dance to the soothing music! Spot as much of the marine wildlife as you can–dolphins, sea lions, whales! Whatever you end up doing, this is bound to be one relaxing and unforgettable night!

Live Entertainment Lovers

Party animals, get ready for the best night of your life! LAMP is celebrating it’s 8th birthday and the release of its new record, Mushroom Jazz Vol. 9, with an epic bash! Experience some of the most amazing DJs and rock your body to the best house music, dance/electronic, and acid jazz. There will even be a special set from Mark Farina, a DJ and music producer whose music is well known for its unique jazzy flavor. With a loaded bar and an awesome dance floor, get ready for a wild night with your besties. Hop on this deal ASAP, because tickets are selling fast and this is one opportunity you won’t want to pass up!

We hoped you enjoyed this episode of Tuesday’s Titillations. Stay tuned for some great times. Catch ya next week!

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