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Hello again, Rush49-ers! Welcome back to Your Weekend Planner–the series where I tell you what’s trending near you on the weekends. It’s Adeets, and I’ve got episode 7 ready for you all! This weekend is going to be packed and filled with vigorous activities. So I’d suggest you save up some energy! 

3DAR TRICK ART MUSEUM - Santa Monica ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Museums are great! It’s almost relaxing, walking through various exhibits and admiring the paintings and sculptures of all the greats. I totally understand the appeal...But let’s give it a bit of a modern twist! Enter the 3DAR Trick Art Museum, a psychedelic world full of mind-blowing visuals. In place of the usual static media such as canvas, clay, and stone is an expanse of thrilling and interactive murals. Escape the jaws of a frenzied shark. Or defend yourself against a fire-breathing dragon! The incredible illusions make this place extremely popular among the photographers. And if you would like to play with perspective for your next Instagram post, look no further! This is the place to be! So whip out those phones and cameras. I guarantee that you will have the most magical experience!


I am now speaking directly to all you gym rats out there. If your daily workout session is getting a little too mundane, go register yourself for the O-hk-toberfest Fitness Competition. Between the 9 weight stations, 1 mile run, and 400 meter sprints, you’ll be sweating in no time and having a great time doing it all! Even better, you’ll be able to socialize with other people without sacrificing your training time. 

And if “crossfit champion” is not something you are working towards, just enter in the “Open & fun” category instead of the “Competitive” category! You’ll still enjoy the challenge and maybe even win some great prizes. So fitness freaks, get your tickets now! 

HANGAR 18 HAWTHORNE CLIMBING GYM - Hawthorne ~ Friday, Saturday, Sunday

This next one is also quite the workout. I promise I am not trying to exhaust you this weekend!, but you’re really going to enjoy this. Anyways, you’ll thank me later when Monday rolls around and you are able to fit in those skinny jeans again. 

This is the perfect opportunity to take up a new sport. Rock climbing maybe? From bouldering to auto belays to top-roping, the Hangar 18 san Clemente Climbing Gym in Hawthorne has everything you need to begin your climbing journey. Even the climbing gear! So take an introductory climbing class and see how you like it. You'll learn all the basics of climbing and work on your body strength!   

As always, tune back in next week for more exciting experiences. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Signing off, Adeets 🙂

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