Kumar Kotla of Rush49 hits the Bay Area to meet with other Industry influencers

Last week Rush49 CEO Kumar Kotla ventured to Silicon Valley to meet with other industry leaders to discuss current issues facing the ticket-selling space and to strategize about addressing the needs of the emerging experience culture.

Stubhub Crew

The first stop was was a session with the StubHub team to find opportunities where the two companies can work together, and to cover this week’s Congressional hearingsonthe ticketing industry. StubHub and Rush49 have been at the forefront in the promotion of transparent pricing and share a similar challenge with a competitive landscape in which many companies deal in the shady practice of hiding fees and surcharges until the final step of checkout. Both companies support Congressional oversight that would prevent advertising of falsely low discount prices that may increase by more than 30% at checkout. Stay tuned for news about the hearings.

Colin Frishberg at Google

After that it was on to Google’s Sunnyvale and Redwood City offices for a series of meetings about the emerging challenges in the Search landscape and a review of upcoming Beta offerings in the Google Ads portfolio. Rush49 has been a consistent partner with Google in testing new advertising platforms and deliveries due to its unique positioning in the experience ticketing sector.http://loans-cash.net

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