Celebrate Your First Bucket List Experience

Cross It Off Your List In Style

It finally happened. You crossed that first experience off your bucket list. What are you supposed to do now? Celebrate! There’s no right way or wrong way, but not doing anything doesn’t work. After you’ve crossed that first item off your list, throw yourself a party with friends and family, set the date for your next bucket list item, or even create a fun and unique way to choose what experience to accomplish next! Don’t let this achievement go unrecognized; even if it’s just a quick photo post to social media with the caption, “I did it!” If you need some inspiration, check out the top five ways we’d celebrate accomplishing that first bucket list experience.

Throw a Party

The first thing people want to do when they’ve accomplished anything, big or small, is throw a party. This can be an all-out house party, a night on the town, a small celebration with your closest friends, or even just cracking open your favorite bottle of wine with your significant other. Share your experience, whether that’s recounting all the major highlights, or showing off all the cool photos you took while it was happening. Whether you have an intimate celebration or a party that takes up the entire banquet room at your favorite restaurant, it’s hard to beat a good, old-fashioned party.

What’s Next

If a party isn’t for you, celebrate the completion of your first bucket list experience by choosing the next one! You don’t have to follow your list to the number, but can mix it up and go with the flow. A fun way of choosing your next experience could be putting all the remaining options in a hat or bowl and drawing one out, or even putting the options on a dart board and let someone else throw the dart. No matter how you choose the next adventure, don’t forget to set the date that you want to accomplish it! Just make sure you give yourself a reasonable time frame to make sure you can save up, research, and plan it all out.

Photo Album

You want to have the opportunity to celebrate this first step again and again, but want to make it more personal. You took so many photos that you don’t know what to do with them all! Turn all your favorite photos into an album! With so many websites that will print your photo album, you can take advantage of different offers and make more than one! Have a bunch of silly photos or ones that are more of a blooper reel than ones you’ll share with pride? Create a photo album exclusively of those photos and one with only the perfect shots. This way, not only will you be able to share just how much fun you had, but have those photos that fully encompass the experience.

Start a Blog

For many people who’ve created a bucket list, they’ve also created a blog to share their experience and tips. When you want to share your excitement, experience, photos, and more, this would be a good way to celebrate. Not only will you have a way to express how you felt, but you’ll have a good bank of post ideas ranging from how you prepared for your first experience, what you did, why you chose it as your first bucket list item, and the other experiences you wish to complete. But more than that, a blog can be a way to celebrate the little victories and build a community of like-minded people that can help motivate you and share their personal experiences as you get ready for your next adventure!


There’s nothing better than coming down from the excitement and feeling of accomplishment of checking that first experience off your list. You’ve thrown the party, chosen your next adventure, but now you finally get to relax and take it all in. Now you can sit back on the couch, put your feet up, enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea, and replay those memories and emotions over and over with a smile on your face. Not every bucket list item will be challenging, but can test you in ways you never expected. Take pleasure in knowing you accomplished something that truly means something to you, no matter how big or small your first bucket list experience may have been.

How Will You Celebrate Completing Your First Bucket List Item?

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