5 Family Activities for Spring Break

For a lot of people across the country, especially those with kids, Spring Break has arrived. If you’re not going somewhere with them, you’re probably looking for something for them to do (if they’re not studying). So here are five family activities for spring break you can do with the little ones that’ll keep them busy.

Local Theme Park

There are always a lot of local theme parks that people forget about, but you should head to one. Everyone always thinks of Disneyland or Six Flags Magic Mountain when you mention, “theme park,” but local theme parks contain things that many of the bigger ones don’t. They usually have mini-golf and bumper cars, both that go over well with kids as well as teens. There are usually arcades, so you can introduce your little ones to the games you used to play as a kid.


Many larger cities have zoos, and there’s nothing like going to the zoo, even as an adult. Lions, tigers, and bears are just a small part of the many different animals that can open your kids’ minds, and show them a whole new world. They can learn some science, see what kind of a habitat an animal would live in, and think of new ways to explore the planet. While zoos may be a little bit far for some people, most zoos usually have some kind of discount for small kids or even free days where you can all go. I’d check the local zoos near you.

Trampoline Park

I’ve mentioned them before, but trampoline parks really are a whole lot of fun. Whether you take your kids to soccer practice every day or they just lounge around watching television, trampoline parks are fun for any age and any athletic levels. They’re a great workout, and there are always games like dodgeball. You can learn how to flip in (relative) safety, and there are always lots of staff around to prevent injury.

Stock Car Racing

If you’re looking to spend a little bit more, as well as looking for something with a little more speed, you’ll find it by going stock car racing. Now, they won’t let the kids or teens behind the wheel, but they do have ride-alongs, where you and they can sit in the passenger seat. These things go fast, and definitely will get your blood pumping as you race around the corners. They may only be a couple of laps, but for someone who has (hopefully) never experienced anything about 80 MPH, this will be a blast.

Play Outside

This one may be a little obvious but it’s true. Let ‘em outside. The days are getting longer, and for most places it’ll still be light by the time you get home. So give them a key and a ball and let them get out of the house. Remember how your spring breaks were. Give it a shot, they may just find it better than the games they’re playing inside.

And that’s what we have for five family activities for spring break. If you have any ideas of your own, please leave them in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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